Summerfield Tiered Deal

Tiered Deal

Our office offers discounts to all in the form of our Tiered Deal.

Here's how it works

  • Your first session starts at our regular rate $66.78.
  • If you maintain a monthly schedule not exceeding 31 days a follow up is $61.65.
  • If you require more of a regular schedule and schedule 14 days after initial session you can follow up for $41.10
  • If you have a chronic issue or a complex problem or just prefer to break the pain cycle you can schedule every 7 days to take advantage of the greatest discount. After your initial full priced session receive 3 more weekly sessions for $41.10 each. Then start over at the monthly rate of $61.65 and receive 3 more weekly sessions at 41.10.
  • If you pay in cash or check you receive a 2.75% discount on all sessions too.

Please note discounted sessions cannot be combined with any other special or promotion. If you exceed the days of your tier it falls into the other level ending at 31 days when you will be required to start at the regular rate again.

Located in Ocala serving Summerfield and surrounding areas.

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