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Massage therapy is a manual therapy that can really benefit the body. It can help from increased ROM or ability to move to elevating mood and pain and stress reduction. This is not enough though and while massage therapy is beneficial it is not like many other things the negative side effects are minimal if any generally nausea, headaches, or dizziness can occur if the body is not properly hydrated. That being said here are a few good tips to go along with a regular massage routine to get the most from the therapy.

  1. Drink water daily many sites have concluded half your weight in ounces of water. for example a 100 lbs person would drink 50 ounces a day.
  2. Stretch when you can. Any repetitive action job, try and make sure you are compensating for our bodies natural reaction and stretching out those muscles in the opposite direction of whatever we do the most.
  3. Relax. The world will not end if you give up control for a mere 10 to 24 hrs. Give yourself a break your body will thank you.
  4. Breathe this simple yet often overlooked aspect of existence helps. Breathing in to the mental count of 5 seconds and out to 8 seconds helps to expand the rib cage and oxygenate the body. Focus on expanding your chest and abdomen fully with each breathe it works wonders.
  5. Eating right this can be a challenge in a fast paced world but the better you eat the better you will feel.

A job where you find your shoulders are constantly in pain, a job where your low back drives you insane, a job where your mentally drained all these things cause your body strain. A simple break is all that you need loosen up those muscles and you to will see massage for life is the way to be.

Many time people in desk jobs have low back and shoulder and neck pain. It is often in part due to posture as well as repetitive movements we teach our body what to do. The problem lies in our own bodies ability to adapt this is a blessing and a downfall. Think about any workout or job you got that was a new experience for you and your body. The first few day or so you were sore maybe in places you did not even realize existed until this job but overtime it gets easier to do. Why is that? Adaptation our body learns this is what we do, so it helps make that happen. The problems often occur when we try to do something new or the combination of doing everyday tasks gets more complex and we begin to see our limits and pains. This can many times be reversed or eliminated with regular massage. In some situations a sudden trauma can create pain and if you will not be doing the activities that created the trauma again massage can help and you just work through the issues and your good for awhile. Optimally weekly sessions provide the greatest benefit especially when trying to address chronic pain or sudden traumas. However biweekly sessions can provide relief as well, depending on the severity of pain and availability. Ideally monthly session provide a preventative benefit and our best after whatever issues are resolved.

Massage therapy is beneficial and everyone can benefit from it. Don't live another day with those pains give the eviction notice to these aches and go get a massage you deserve it.

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