We are often times consumed with the things of this life. We can own a dozen cars a few houses and all the material things this life can buy. We can spend all our time making money and never get ahead. We only have one body. We use it and use it till it screams out in either sickness, pain or pure exhaustion. We then fill it full of various medications and eventually have to take some time off for our body to recoup. There is a simple way to help our bodies and this blog is on a massage website so what do you think I am going to say. Take a break! Take a Nap! Enjoy sometime in nature! Take sometime for you! Yes A massage would not hurt one bit and has many health benefits, but in the end whatever you choose to do remember you only get one body, you only have so much time. So what are you going to do? Start with a Smile! Start small if you must take 5 minutes for yourself lock yourself in a room and just breathe. It is better to take time off when you can do fun things. This is a lot better than to wait till your body shuts down and you have to take time to just be sick and sore. So enjoy life take some ME TIME! YOU DESERVE IT!